Where Dentistry Meets Art

Dentistry and Art are distinct but also one in the same.

The Dental Studio has been shaped around the vision of bringing beauty to dentistry.

Dr. Jayashree Shinde is attached with the Dental Studio since 2017. Having attended various conferences, workshops and seminars she has expertised in latest techniques and materials.

Dr.Jayashree closely curates her experience, technical skill and artistic sensibility, to create fine results in cosmetic dentistry, implantology and wide range of other dental treatments.

Drop by for a consultation with our dental professional, as an attractive smile, is your key to a million possibilities.

Dr. Jayshree Shinde

Brush your teeth twice a day. Pretty easy, right?

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Your brushing is not complete without flossing.

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Visit the dentist every six months.

Dr. Jayshree Shinde

Our Expertise

Specialized care through precision, artistry and experiance.

Smile Makeovers
Teeth Whitening
Orthodontic: Invisalign
Gum Care/ Gummy Smiles
Tooth X-Rays
Dental Implants
Dental Crowns
Dental Bridge
Root Canals
Dental Fillings

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